Founded by Franck and Chloe in 2013, FRNCH, pronounced "French" FRNCH delivers a contemporary study of the mythical Parisian silhouette that Franck and Chloé renew every season. Dedicated to a city that embraces elegance and simplicity,

FRNCH is a collection of clean lines, refined fabrics, and sophisticated details developed with a touch of vintage in a variety of timeless and affordable pieces.



The French girl Marie combines elegance and comfort for feminine and timeless outfits. It is aimed at active and modern women for whom fashion is more than just a collection of pieces of clothing. The natural combines with refinement to sublimate an elegant silhouette, feminine and modern.

The pieces are 95% made in France, a guarantee of quality and proximity. As the seasons go by, La Petite Française brings its vision of French Style, a reinterpretation of the tastes and requirements of fashionistas.




OLOW is a French clothing brand, created in Montreuil in 2006 by two passionate and brave personalities: Mathieu Sorosina and Valentin Porcher.

Mathieu and Valentin are passionate about art and the connections they can build with the artists.

In a world of always more profit and less humanity, Olow wants to come back to the basis of life meaning, a simple lifestyle, handmade craft, art, escape, and poetry.

The design of the Olow brand is distinguished by raw, human and unconventional collections



The princely nature of a Grace Kelly affixed to the sweet name of Mila, Aimee of the people, for a perfect match: discreet charm and elegance of detail for contemporary collections.

After seducing the capital and provincial cities, Grace & Mila moved around the world with  a  French style.



SPARKZ, part of the Danish fashion scene, is based in the heart of Copenhagen. Where the pulse is racing, and where our designers find much of their inspiration for the Scandinavian signature which permeates everything we do

With an innovative approach to the latest fashion trends, we make sure that the SPARKZ girl is always one step ahead. In a world of combinations, we focus on individuality and offer everything from the perfect date-night dress to casual, chunky knitwear or cool jeggings.



Gola has grown from humble beginnings to become an internationally recognised brand. Today, we have customers across the globe and are famous for our selection of trainers, plimsolls and bags.

However, our brand has very humble beginnings and was born in 1905 in a small factory in central England. Soon, our shoe designs soared in popularity and we began expanding our range to suit changing trends and our customers’ demands.



Our  company started about 5 years ago and we have been growing ever since. Through our beautiful materials, using trendy as well as basic colors and removable comfort footbeds we always find a great match between trends and classics with a feminine touch.

Together with a good price, we never focus on a particular age-group, but more on a type of woman. A woman that is not trying to cross boundaries, but just loves a trendy, well-designed shoe with a good fit.